About Us

Working as consultants to young and budding entrepreneurs, we enjoy keeping ourselves updated on the latest technology which makes us feel enthusiastic and fresh.

Having worked with multinational companies and having a vast experience in various technologies, we decided to turn ourselves into entrepreneurs, thereby starting a small Electronics and Computer Technology firm doing research, development and consulting jobs in Kerala, India. Our profile will give you a clear idea of what we have done in the past and what we love to do.


The Team

Binu M. Thomas

Co-Founder, Technology Expert

Masters in Computer & Electronic Engineering from University of Birmingham, with 14 years of experience across the technology spectrum. Self-motivated technology innovator and entrepreneur with a track record of successful projects in multi-domain. Managed both software as well as hardware projects from initial scope definition or an idea through implementation, including the conceptualization, design and build out.

Raji John

Co-Founder, IT & Business

Masters in Computer Applications, with 10 years in software functional testing, user interactions & usability testing, design software process flow, manage software projects as well as human resource. Experience in various business activities such as eCommerce management, managing international & local client for material import/procurement, establishing product costing, pricing and marketing strategy.

This Is What We Love To Do


We do extensive research to find an apt solution with latest technology & is secure.


Each project we do is unique. We push our limits to achieve optimal results.

Clear solution

Based on our experience and research, we strive to find a clear solution to the problems our clients bring to the table. We are proud that we are indeed successful in achieving this goal to their satisfaction.

Focus Area

We love to work in intelligent systems and in ICT projects which includes mobile computing, networking, embedded systems and gaming technology for research & training.