CVentura Technologies

We are a research and consulting firm in Electronics and Computer Technology, passionate in working with young, budding and talented entrepreneurs, helping them to bring their brilliant ideas to life and kickstart their project.

We do independent consulting jobs for individuals as well as companies and also develop our own products. Our strong experience with multitude of interconnected technologies in the field of ICT, embedded systems, robotics and software development makes us a good choice for our clients to bring their ideas and requirements to life.

Apart from mainstream technologies, we are passionate in doing research in Agro industry(Aeroponics) and emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, computer vision, robotics etc.

This Is What We Love To Do


We do extensive research to find an apt solution with latest technology.


Each project we do is unique. We push our limits to achieve optimal results.

Clear solution

Based on our experience and research, we strive to find a clear solution to the problems our clients bring to the table. We are proud that we are indeed successful in achieving this goal to their satisfaction.

Focus Area

We love to work in intelligent systems and in ICT projects which includes mobile computing, networking, embedded systems and gaming technology for research & training.

CVentura Technologies, Angamaly, Kerala, india