Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Remotely controlled vehicles (RCVs)

Remotely controlled vehicles (RCVs) are evident in many fields, such as mining, military, space exploration, sub sea oil and gas exploitation, and so on. Despite the relative maturity in the technology associated with robotic and tele-robotic platforms – sensors, effectors, navigation, communication, power and locomotion – the provision of usable, intuitive interfaces for such human-centered tasks as, supervisory control and direct tele-operation is still lacking. This research module analyses various human factors in human-robot interaction by setting a platform to test various game controllers available in the market.

Applications of tele-robotic are extensive, starting from fun projects, underwater research, military application which extends up to space exploration. As researchers find new application to tele-robotics, a need for better human interface devices also arises. The proposed network can act as a starter pack into the research of human factors of control devices that may be used in RCV operation. Furthermore, it can be used to test new designs safely and effectively.


  • Mechatronics
  • Firmware
  • Software